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Seals improve the efficiency of hydraulic equipment

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1. Hydraulic press operator should be familiar with the principle of hydraulic system, familiar with the main hydraulic components of the device seal the role of master system operation sequence.

2. Before starting the equipment, check that all the moving mechanism and the solenoid valve are in the original state. Check the oil level of the fuel tank. If the abnormality or oil is insufficient, the hydraulic pump motor should be forbidden and the maintenance personnel should be repaired.

3. Operators should always check the working conditions of the hydraulic system, observe the working pressure and speed, check the workpiece size and props wear to ensure that the hydraulic system is stable and reliable.

4. When the tank oil temperature does not reach 25 ℃ in winter, the implementing agencies can not start to work in sequence, but can only start the hydraulic pump motor to pump the air pump. During the summer work, when the oil temperature in the tank is higher than 60 ℃, pay attention to observe the working condition of the hydraulic system, and notify the maintenance personnel to deal with

5. The operator can not damage the electrical system interlock device, can not hand push the electronic control valve, can not damage or any move the position of the operation file.

6. Shut down more than 4 hours of hydraulic equipment, before starting work, you should start the hydraulic pump motor 5-10min before the pressure to work.

7. When the hydraulic system fails, the operator can not move around, should immediately report the maintenance department.

8. should always keep the hydraulic equipment clean, to prevent dust, cutting cutting fluid, cutting, cotton yarn and other debris into the tank.



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