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Expert: Mechanical seal technical requirements and the use of seals

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Mechanical seals are high precision mechanical parts, its correct installation and operation of its life has a great impact. We generally in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Petrochemical. The mechanical requirements for the mechanical and mechanical seals are as follows: Mechanical seals are mechanical parts of high precision, and their proper installation and operation have a significant effect on their service life. We generally in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Petrochemical. The technical requirements for the installation of the mechanical seal pump and the mechanical seal are as follows:

1, the axis of bending: the maximum is not greater than 0.05 mm;

2, the rotor vibration: moving ring seal near the sleeve is not greater than 0.06 mm;

3, the axis of the axial movement is not allowed to exceed ± 0.5 mm, if with a sleeve, do not allow loose sleeve;

4, the coupling of the correction error: for the tooth coupling is not greater than 0.08 ~ 0.10 mm (P2008C), for the elastic coupling is not greater than 0.05 ~ 0.06 mm; (custom practice jump <0.05, diameter jump <0.10 )

5, gland (static ring seat) and seal with the mouth of the axis of the concentricity of the center line tolerance of 0.05 mm, and the contact with the gasket on the center line of the vertical value of the tolerance of 0.03 to 0.05 mm, if not Requirements, sealed cavity to be processed;

6, the end of the sleeve with the ring seal installed, and the end of the gland (or shell) where the static ring seal is installed should be chamfered and smooth.

7, in the installation, removal of mechanical seals should be careful, it is strictly prohibited to use hand hammer and flat shovel, so as not to damage the sealing element. If the dirt can not be removed, it should be cleaned and then removed.

8, if the pump at both ends of the mechanical seal, in the assembly, disassembly process to take care of each other to prevent this loss.

9, the running of the mechanical seal, where a gland loose so that the seal moves, the static and dynamic ring parts must be replaced, should not be re-tightened to continue to use. Because after the loose friction of the original operation of the trajectory will change, the contact surface of the seal is very easy to be destroyed.

The use of seals

The seal is a material or part that prevents the fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent joints and prevents external contaminants such as dust and moisture from entering the interior of the machine

(1) select the appropriate seal material and hydraulic oil, as well as the adaptability to the working temperature, the compatibility of the oil.

(2) Geometric position of the sliding parts relative to the seal (concentricity) High material (eg hard chrome plated) and fine surface roughness to extend service life.

① For hydraulic pumps, the oil seal used in the journal journal not only requires the roughness of the sliding surface to be within 0.25m of Ra, but also requires hard chrome plating on its surface. In the specific use, it is necessary to adjust the diameter of the oil seal lip To the spring force to make it moderate, but also in the installation with a mounting sleeve or thin gasket to protect the seal, so as not to pull the tongue roll, twisted, causing the spring to slide out.

② hydraulic cylinder cylinder surface rolling method commonly used, not only to improve the surface roughness, but also to the surface of the cold hardening treatment, is conducive to extend the life of the seal ring. In addition, the use of pressure, sliding surface length and type of life also have a great impact. Therefore, it should be based on these conditions to determine the inspection time.

③ require a good sealing surface lubrication to prevent dirt intrusion. It is also necessary to use the oil and the correct installation method to achieve the required cleaning level.



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