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How to replace the seal

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As we all know, EDM punch ring is easy to wear, after a long period of work, the small hole machine seal in addition to wear factors, it is easy to aging loose, followed by the small hole machine spindle (Rotating head) of the water leakage phenomenon, this phenomenon is very common, as if you bought a car, after a few years there will always be similar to the phenomenon of tire leakage, this phenomenon is very common, just to fill the next tires like.

For the small hole machine, it is also very simple, just spend a few cents, buy a ring to replace the new can, but the question is, buy a seal is very simple, how to replace it? Here we look at how Replace the seal.

The seal is similar to the O-type, so it is also called O-ring, it is not our set in the copper electrode on the ring.

We open the spindle above the head of the rotating head, to see the inside of the "rotating head."

Only need to release the hexagonal screws, take the arrow pointing device, you can see the aging of the ring, and then put on, then tighten the screw can be.



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