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Global natural rubber consumption or up to 12.49 million tons

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Global natural rubber consumption in 2015 was 9.31 million tons, down 23.18% year on year.
It is predicted that global consumption in 2016 reached 12.49 million tons, an increase of 2.63%.
The demand for natural rubber indirectly reflects the level of consumption of the economy and the level of industrial development.
At present, natural rubber consumption is mainly concentrated in the emerging industrial areas of Southeast Asia, China has gradually become the world's largest natural rubber consumer.
Historically, economic growth has been a key factor in the impact of natural rubber consumption; the replacement of synthetic rubber and the growing rubber industry will also affect the consumption of natural rubber.
From the natural rubber downstream industry chain, natural rubber in the proportion of consumer goods accounted for less than 20%; its maximum consumption from industrial demand - 69% for tire manufacturing; tire manufacturing demand driven by the automobile manufacturing industry.
In the future, the demand structure will not change significantly, the focus is still in emerging markets in Asia, and China's largest demand for natural rubber.
Demand is mainly driven by automobile manufacturing and tire consumption, rubber belt, medical consumption and special rubber and other areas of natural rubber consumption accounted for smaller, and tends to be stable.


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