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China 's hardware sealing technology to achieve a breakthrough

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China 's hardware sealing technology to achieve a breakthrough

70% of the refining chemical safety accident is caused by the leakage of seals, so anti-leakage has been a worldwide problem. Recently, from the Northeast Petroleum Refining and Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. was informed that this problem has been the company employees Zhao Linyuan crack. He presided over the mechanical seal technology transformation in the National Science and Technology Award Conference won the national scientific and technological progress second prize.

Zhao Linyuan is a general staff, after the self-taught mechanical seal design and installation, mechanical seal principle, metal materials, process processing courses. More than a decade, he measured his own drawings, the seal on the transformation. In a set of US imports of equipment, the transformation of the seal, the service life from a few days a change, into a six-year change, while the highest foreign record for only 3 years for a change, creating the world's highest record. Since then, he has a total of 75 sets of imported equipment, the seal of the 81 domestic transformation, for enterprises to create more than 2,500 million worth.

Experts believe that the mechanical seal technology means that the mechanical seal device to achieve the localization, and reached the world advanced level, to fill the gaps, the end of the seal to rely on foreign imports of history.



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