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The use of car seal strips and routine maintenance

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The use of car seal strips and routine maintenance

Car seal tape is one of the important parts of the car, widely used in doors, windows, body, seats, skylights, engine chassis and trunk and other parts, can be used to install the bus luggage door rubber hinge, also With other waterproof, sealed and so on.

Classification of automotive seal strips:

1, vulcanized rubber sealant

Generally EPDM material. Excellent performance, with excellent ozone resistance, excellent weather resistance, good high temperature, low temperature performance, prominent chemical resistance, a variety of polar solute, the relative density of small. The disadvantage is that in general mineral oil and lubricants in the expansion of large, generally dark products. Use temperature range -60 ~ + 150 ℃. With its wide range of applications, comprehensive performance, domestic and foreign enterprises have been recognized.

2, silicone rubber seal tape

With excellent resistance to high and low temperature characteristics, ozone and weather resistance; excellent hydrophobic and proper permeability; with unparalleled insulation performance; can achieve food hygiene requirements of the health level, to meet the requirements of various colors. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength in the rubber material in the worst, not oil. Use temperature range -100 ~ +300 ℃. Can be applied to high temperature, cold, strong ultraviolet radiation and high-rise buildings.



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